About Saraz

In 2006 we have set up Saraz Fiber Tech Ltd. Recycling Fiber and Spinning Plant. Recycling is a more proven and environment-friendly process for a sustainable product that was set up 5 decades ago in USA & Europe. However, at that time recycle yarn was used for making coarse fabrics which were used for making home decor products. In the year of 1996 during Europe tour our Founder Managing Director Md. Zahurul Islam found that many small Open-End Spinning factories were buying fiber from Recycling fiber producers and many of those producers were mostly buying garments clips ( Pre Waste) from Bangladesh. Also, there are huge used garments waste from such Jeans and gabardine garments, etc. which were also being used to produce Recycle fiber. He set up his mind that we can recycle our own clips for converted yarn for export quality knit Garments. We think our waste can be our gold and save our environment in many aspects which have described in our website www.sarazgroupbd.com.

Our buyers are showing their interest in recycling goods which is mainly to save the earth from pollution. We along with our buyers developed the most attractive colored yarn in recent times produced from Recycle fiber with Recycle PSF/ Acrylic etc.

Saraz Fiber Tech Ltd.

After many months of research with trial & error, and practical tests have established recycling yarn which can be used for making high value-added products like Sweater and knitting in the year 2010. We were successfully introducing our yarn to small and large fashion retailers. Now it is our strategic decision to establish our brand EYS®. TM is available for the whole industry as a sustainable alternative to all kinds of virgin fiber and dyed yarn.

Our Value

EYS® yarn offers a brand to retailers as a sustainable choice of yarn which has the texture and character of natural yarn. Consumer will enjoy the similar quality at a higher value with additional emotion of sustainable product.

Our Mission

EYS® wants to become an exclusive brand and trusted eco efficient solution. We want to become sustainable option for the knit wear and woven fabrics in the textile market. Each kilogram of EYS® recycle yarn is saving 18000+ Liters of Water, 180+ grams of pesticides and fertilizers, 2.6+ KG of dyes and chemicals, 3.0 Kw/H of energy and 11 KG CO 2 . We help to save the ozone layer by reducing the Global warming and protect our earth.