Recycled Yarn

We have setup a Recycled Yarn spinning industry in the name of SARAZ FIBER-TECH LTD. to process Garments Waste/ Textile Waste/ PCW/ Acrylic Waste and make different types recycled yarn. It is a sustainable echo-friendly process as it does not require any sort of dyes or chemicals for making color yarn. Our production facility is not discharging carbon, waste water, steam etc, into the environment.

As the business of fashion is getting more sensitive towards sustainable clothing, the demand for Recycled Yarns is escalating. Numerous conventional yarn manufacturers have started making yarns out of waste products like PET bottles and ‘textile-to-textile’ waste such as used fabrics, garments and home furnishings. Many products such as clothing, soft toys, bed linen, towels, gloves and rugs, to mention a few are being manufactured with such yarns.

SARAZ Fiber-Tech Ltd. continues its activities in the field of textile with high quality recycle fiber and yarn production under Trade mark brand EYS® & in the name of SARAZ. Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art technology machinery, We address the needs of customers with wide range of colors.

Our production was 5,415 TON in the year of 2020-2021. Moreover we are saving foreign currency USD 14.32 Million / Year against of importing raw cotton. Saving the discharge of CO2 on the air 40600m2 /Year, saving the 111.54 million liter water / Year against of dyeing and washing purpose. Saving the environment not to discharging health hazardous dyes and chemical in the nature 38,447 MT/ Year.

EYS® Our Recycle fiber yarn is being used to produce coarse to fine fabrics, apparels, accessories, home textiles etc.